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I’ve been repairing appliances in the Whitewater, Wisconsin area for the last 34 years. I’m sure if I haven’t been to your home, I’ve at least been to your neighbor’s. I haven’t had my own business until now, and I want to make sure the Badger Appliance Repair name is what you think of you when and your friends think appliance repair in Whitewater, WI.

You could hire a appliance repair tech from a bigger city like Madison or Milwaukee. You might be happy with their service, but you might also run into issues. Will they be able to find your home? Will you have to call them and give detailed directions? You certainly won’t be able to say things like ‘it’s past Culver’s, down a few blocks on the left’. I’m familiar with the area, the people, and the businesses, and I’d love for the chance for you to be familiar with Badger Appliance Repair.

Giving you the peace of mind

When you work with Badger Appliance Repair, you can be confident knowing we stand behind the work that we perform and the expert technician that we send to your home.

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