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My name is Tom Feggestad, I was the service department manager and technician at Shumway Appliance in Milton, WI for the last 34 years. After 34 years of repairing home appliances in the southern Wisconsin area, I started my own business based on a few core values: I’m dedicated to providing great service repair work with outstanding customer service. I want to bring technologies and conveniences to you that aren’t offered by other repair services in the area. When I visit your home, I’ll be able to diagnose your problem, then talk with you to figure out the best approach. I’ll be able to lay out your options and tell you how much replacement parts will cost at my initial visit. Many times I can replace the part with the stock I keep in my truck. If we need to order a part, I can do so right from your home, we can then reschedule a visit and I can give you an exact time.

I pride myself on being honest with my customers. If it doesn’t make sense to pour time and money into an old appliance that might not be fixable, I’ll tell you. Some appliance repair shops will endlessly put parts on your broken appliance in hopes of fixing an issue, without properly diagnosing the issue in the first place. This costs you time, money, and multiple visits to your home or place of business from an appliance repair technician.

I grew up in Edgerton, WI and southern Wisconsin has been my home my whole life. I love and support the area, the people, the families, the sports teams, and the local businesses. I value keeping money in the area, and I think if you need something done or help with a problem, it’s always better when you can call a friend and someone you know and trust. I’m a huge Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers fan. I enjoy all Wisconsin sports, taking care of my home and lawn, and relaxing with my family.

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When you work with Badger Appliance Repair, you can be confident knowing we stand behind the work that we perform and the expert technician that we send to your home.

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